If you have been approved for a residency, we will send you an official invitation and a contract. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions:

No, all generations are welcome.

We feel it is fundamentally compulsory that you stay at the residence during your residency. Absences of a few days per month, however, do not present a problem.

We provide you with a monthly grant of € 1,200. We do not pay for travel expenses (unless indicated otherwise).

This should be coordinated with us well in advance in individual cases. We endeavor to reach family-friendly solutions.

Pets are not allowed in Villa Waldberta and Ebenböckhaus.

There are two artist studios at Villa Waldberta, which are also used for exhibitions and other events. Both Villa Waldberta and Ebenböckhaus do not have any specialized workshops. We ask that any special needs be discussed with us at an early stage. We will then try to find a custom-made solution together with our partners in Munich.

If you wish, we can take out a health insurance policy for non EU citizens. It will only cover unforeseeable cases of illnesses, and should be requested from us before your stay begins.