Applying to become a Munich cooperation partner

1. Who can become a cooperation partner?

  • Art and cultural institutions under public administration in Munich.
  • Independent, non-commercial cultural institutions in Munich.
  • Artists who reside or work for the most part in Munich.
  • Individuals active in the areas of art and culture who reside or work for the most part in Munich.

2. How does one apply for a collaboration?

You can suggest one or more persons to be guest artists at Villa Waldberta or Ebenböckhaus. The person or persons who are suggested to be guest artists must reside outside of Bavaria. Institutions are also encouraged to propose open calls in cooperation with us. 

3. What does the cooperation partner have to contribute?

  • The willingness to work together with the person or persons who have been suggested and with the ARTIST IN RESIDENCE MUNICH team.
  • Collaboration on and participation in events with the guest artist(s) at Villa Waldberta or Ebenböckhaus (for example, discussions with the artists, open studios, evening events open to the general public, readings, concerts, exhibitions, etc.).
  • The cooperation partner’s own resources (for example, co-financing, spaces, labor time).
  • Provide support with assisting the guests and networking with the guest(s) and the Munich scene.

Preferably: Organization of events at various locations in Munich.

4. What documents does one have to send with the application to become a cooperation partner?

We require the following information (via e-mail as a PDF file with a maximum of 10 MB):

a. Information about who is applying:

  • Name
  • Contact data (e-mail address, telephone number)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Website address

b. Information about the suggested person(s)

  • Name
  • Contact data (e-mail address, telephone number)
  • Artistic curriculum vitae
  • Portfolio (organized image material, text and audio samples, etc.)
  • Website address

c. Period of the planned residency in Munich

  • ideally three months in one of the calendar quarters.
  • If the dates are flexible, please indicate this.

d. Information about the planned collaboration with the guest

  • Artistic concept (a maximum of 1 page).
  • A rough outline of the schedule with the planned activities and event locations.
  • Planned networking activities.

e. Information on (co-) financing

5. Is there a deadline?

The application process for cooperation in the years of 2024 and 2025 is closed. Applications for cooperation in 2026 are welcome.